You probably have a ton of apps on your phone, but are they the right ones for your industry? Affiliate marketing is a vast industry in which various affiliates are involved, and some are bloggers or influencers who play a vital role in this industry. A mobile affiliate is a mobile platform that plays as a middleman between an advertiser and an affiliate. Mobile advertisers can be app owners or any organization that sells their products, whereas affiliates are the publishers that engage the audiences by their performances. The buying model is on either cost per action (CPA) model in which affiliates get profit or install an app install or sell a product; the affiliate gets enough profit that they earn from advertisers.

CPA programs serve to generate remarkable profits for affiliates with the right audiences. Suppose the affiliate “a publisher” recognizes traffic that converts exceptionally well for a certain kind of offer. In that case, they earn much higher eCPM or general revenue utilizing affiliate advertising than an ordinary pay-per-click based on advertisements. 

Additionally, intelligent affiliates make a gap by purchasing traffic and optimizing it to operate to take over its cost. Although attaining this can be difficult but can provide a large number of frameworks, i.e., devices or PCs that need to be managed and tracked.

Affiliate Applications

Here are the top best ten applications: 

  • Play Store
  • Apple App Store
  • Coinbase
  • InboxDollars
  • Microsoft 365
  • Express VPN
  • Blinkist
  • Swiftic
  • Instamobile
  • Personal Capital

Play Store

Play Store is a comprehensible place to start our round-up of mobile app affiliate programs. Additionally, it also comprises the Chromebooks affiliate program, so there’s no need to manage two separate sets of affiliate offers. Affiliates get to purchase promoting Google apps on-site or on social networks. Unfortunately, Google is often unclear regarding the precise details of what their performance marketing offer pays. So, within the case of their mobile app affiliate program, they will need to sign in for it to determine.

Apple App Store

Apple runs an affiliate network for its App Store. It’s also just like the Google Play program in terms of the precise details of how it works. They earn revenue by directing viewers to Apple Music, Apple Books, and Apple news. Moreover, there’s quite enough variety in those products for your viewers to seek out something they need to buy. Like the Google affiliate offer, details of what this network pays are pretty good overall. Furthermore, they have plenty to learn from smaller advertisers.


Coinbase is another best mobile app affiliate program on our list. This affiliate app is a cryptocurrency exchange network, and Coinbase wallet is also the foremost popular software wallet on the crypto site. And it takes the form of an app for both Android tablets and iOS phones. An affiliate will earn 50% of the fees for the initial three months if someone joins Coinbase. It can be costly, so they’ll make quite a lot of cash from a significant crypto deal.


InboxDollars offer a somewhat tempting proposition for many mobile users. Perform certain activities, and they will pay you money for doing that. And we mean everything from watching TV shows, reading emails, taking surveys, or getting cash back for utilizing coupons. Even these days, you can purchase online games for playing. However, the difference is that InboxDollars pays you in cash.

Most other referral networks payout in some “token” that you spend only on their site, but this affiliate marketing app does more. Alternatively, visitors will get paid by Amazon, PayPal, or similar gift cards and with cash. It is closer to a referral program than an actual affiliate program that you might find on an affiliate network. However, getting a 30% cut of what your “sub-affiliates” earn isn’t something you must despise. 

Microsoft 365

Here is another good app you certainly didn’t expect to seek out on this list. Microsoft Office has been compatible with utilizing a personal computer or laptop since it was first launched in 1998. Microsoft 365 is suitable for smartphone, laptop, or Chromebook users who want to tap into a localized office suite facility. It also depends heavily on cloud technology. 

The real benefit of being a Microsoft visitor is that they can take their worth with them wherever they go. Also, they can access all of their spreadsheets, documents, and presentations from an identical interface and in 100% cooperative formats. This affiliate offer is out there through Rakuten Marketing and pays almost $15 per sign-up for Microsoft 365 Business accounts. Furthermore, it won’t be hard to induce your traffic to react to a recommendation from a name brand like Microsoft. Especially with the marketing tools and materials present from Rakuten.


There is no service like ExpressVPN listed as an app on any of the blogs that you read on the topic of mobile app affiliate programs. The reality is that VPNs are now a big part of the modern technological culture, and people have now realized that it isn’t any longer guaranteed.

Around 57% of people who own a smartphone use VPN mobile apps on their devices for privacy concerns. So, this is often a growth market that would be very profitable to tap into. With the Express VPN affiliate program, you can expect to receive almost $36 per sale as an affiliate. 


Blinkist is another app ideal for those who don’t have much time to gather all the information they want. That way, they can consistently stay up to date with what’s happening worldwide or in their social circle or profession. 

Blinkist even has a subscription plan specifically for businesses. Moreover, they’re also paying a 20% commission on whatever pricing plan your visitors choose to sign up to via your affiliate links. That equates to almost $2.50 per sign-up.


Swiftic apps will become so popular and successful that it will be strange for any business not to have this. Clients pretty much look for a loyalty app as a chunk of your digital marketing effort. The only issue is that most companies have no idea how to design an app like this. They mainly have zero mobile app development skills, and they can’t afford a developer for app development. 

Swiftic is the answer to all arising questions. 

They provide you the tools you require to design and publish an app yourself, comprising app templates—all with their professional support service. And the whole deal costs less than $40 monthly. Service’s main objective is to help businesses serve higher commission costs, and the Swiftic program is no different in that regard. Affiliates can look to earn almost $150 per sale.


Mobile marketing is an essential part of the digital marketing side. Where most businesses rush into finding the tools to create their app development because they’re not developers by the job, that’s where Instamobile comes into the scenario. They provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with everything they need to develop and design an app – all based on the local structures and templates designed for it.

With the Instamobile tool, you can gather your app in hours instead of days or months. That’s the dealing that should lead to a pretty good conversion cost. You do not have to be a developer for this; you require traffic for any cause, from business to education. And you’ll get almost a 30% commission on whatever they buy through your affiliate referrals.

Personal Capital

Many individuals are scared to manage their finances because they don’t understand. That’s why the whole new generation is turning to apps like Personal Capital. It permits your audience to get a survey of how good or bad their ongoing finances are. Your audiences can even get personalized aid from an experienced financial supervisor so, anyone can earn almost $100 for every new client they send their way.

App affiliate channels permit marketers to grasp their initiated relationships with advertisers and acquire access to traffic in many verticals and locations. Reaching bent advertisers with particular traffic needs may be a working app business, and affiliate marketers aren’t simply able to perform on their own functionally. It’s time-consuming and needs establishing business relationships that they don’t have experience and time to ascertain.

What mobile apps do you use for your market affiliating business? Comment below if you utilize these affiliate marketing mobile apps, or others!  

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