In this day and age, affiliate marketing is highly saturated, and everyone is trying to stay on top of their game. Therefore, it is essential to know what your competition is doing to find better ways to succeed. Having a good tool for spying on your competition to stay ahead of them allows you to learn the industry. What’s even better is that these spying tools can help you make good profit. If you are wondering what spy tools are, there is a database of landers and creatives that use different traffic sources. Depending on the spy tools, it can take a peek and sometimes download the most popular landing pages and creatives. There are many affordable spy tools, but which one is right for you? To save you time, we recommend five that need to be in your arsenal. Here are the best spying tools for affiliate marketing.


Many people consider this online spying tool one of the most extensive and most advanced spy tools on the market; Adplexity has many benefits. They praise it for having a very easy-to-navigate interface with a good amount of search and filtering options. Thus, you have the ability to find what you’re looking for faster — a big win. Plus, these online spy tools have options for push, mobile, native, e-commerce, carriers, and desktop.

One of the best features of Adplexity Push is that it allows you to see what ads to run on carrier traffic. Not only that, but has a vast amount of push traffic data from almost 100 countries, 90 carriers, affiliate networks, and ten push traffic sources. It lets you filter ads by the advertiser, publisher, keyword, and affiliate network. After you get your results, you can analyze the affiliate marketing ad campaigns by filtering by the date and time of the weeks the campaign is working the best.

Depending on the option that will work the best for you, the Adplexity spying tool costs around $149 to $249. However, just remember to check whether your preferred traffic source is on the list of networks supported. In that case, doing it that way means you can enjoy the spy tool benefits to the max.


This tool is more on the economic side, with only three native, push, and dropshipping options. Regardless, it’s a great and inexpensive tool with a lot of data insight. People like using Anstrex because of how simple and straightforward the interface is, with an impressive database ready with downloadable landers and creatives. Not only that, but it gathers over 3 million ads from 92 countries, 15 traffic sources, and 38 affiliate networks, making it a great tool to find the essentials easily and quickly.

All the results can be easily filtered by various keywords like ad network, country, category, affiliate network, device, tracking tools, and much more. What makes this affordable spying tool even more remarkable is that it allows you to search for foreign language ads using English keywords. Furthermore, these helpful spy tools give you the liberty to view all the campaign’s CPC bid history.

What’s even better is that Anstrex is priced at $59.99 for native ads, $79.99 for push ads, or $124.99 for both of them, making it one of the most cost-effective and accessible spy tool you’ll find out there and with all the functionalities it has, it’s worth every penny.


Push traffic can be considered a common ground for objective comparison. While other tools might do the same, Spypush only specializes in push traffic-only, and it’s wonderful in it. What’s the impressive part of this affordable spy tool? It’s easy and has a quick response when searching on it. This spying tool is an excellent starter for a beginner. Why? Because it allows you to get the flow of how great these types of tools are for affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, what’s even better, is there is a free version available! Thus, it will let you test it for 14 days before you commit to getting the full version. That way, rookies can have a taste of how it works. Alternativetly, if you’re on a budget, it is one of the best spying tools. Spypush offers over 2 million push ads from almost 100 countries. Not only that, but it also has some of the largest push notification networks out there. You can filter the results in many ways, including by country, devices, language, activity, and popularity. Plus, it gives you detailed information on creative jumps, landing pages, and creatives.

Spypush has a monthly fee of $49, and you can even download lander and creatives easily, plus other benefits. So if you’re starting in this business, this is an excellent place to start.


This is one of the best spying tools, and it works for adult advertising only. The same developers from Anstrex created it, so the interface might seem familiar if you’ve used Anstrex before. The consensus is that AdPersicope has a massive inventory of adult ads that are easy to find. That means it a great spying tool for the price range. It covers around 150 mobile carriers, 50 countries, and all major adult networks. Thus, you have a lot to choose from and spy at.

With that being said, their search engine is complete with keywords, country, mobile carrier, ad network, language, ad-strength, device type, third party trackers & banner dimension. Not only that, but Alexa rank of the landing page and date-seen. With many options, you are certain to find what you’re looking for. It can even give you the chance to create a vault of favorites. That way, you can find it easier next time without having to search too much.

So if you are working mainly with adult traffic, AdPeriscope is a must-have. For $89.99, you can have all the spy tools you need in a simple-to-use way.

Mobidea Spy Tools

Are you familiar with Mobidea? In that case, you might know that it has its very own spying tools with a lot to offer! You can choose between native and push. With over 19 million ads from over 90 countries and 40 push networks, their massive inventory could be the only thing you need to spy. Of course, it has a lot of data coverage! This spy tool offers you a look at which traffic sources are the best with a given offer, with information on which devices and countries are being targeted. It is one of the best spying tools because it can even check how much your competition is bidding for clicks for each campaign. So if you always want have a leg ahead of the competition, you should opt for 2022 spy tools.

Mobidea Spy Tools starts at $79.99 for the push option and $59.99 for the native option. However, if you need both, the dual pack is only $124.99 per month, which is an affordable spy tool price with all the data coverage you will get.

Do you use any of these spying tools in 2022? What do you think are the best spy tools, and why? Comment below!

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