Entering the affiliate marketing world can be very exciting, but also a bit overwhelming. There is so much information circulating on the web—not all of it necessarily reliable—that it’s normal to feel confused or unsure where to start.

If that’s your case, don’t worry. Today, we want to help you have a warm and promising welcome to this growing industry. Whether you are a newbie affiliate or already have some experience, it’s natural to have doubts before joining an affiliate network or switching to one that promises better conditions and benefits.

In today’s article, we have compiled and answered the top 5 questions that every affiliate asks before giving their trust to one network or another. With so many options available on the market, choosing one can be a crucial decision that will largely determine your success as a committed affiliate.

So, to help you avoid beginner mistakes, here are those vital questions that affiliates ponder before giving a definitive “yes” to their new business partner. But first, a few brief and important reminders.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a results-based methodology through which affiliates (media partners) promote products or services through their digital channels, such as websites or social media. In return, they receive commissions for sales or actions generated for advertisers or brands.

In summary, affiliates act as intermediaries, connecting brands with their audience and earning money. According to the latest Awin Report, the global annual investment in this industry exceeds 15.24 billion US dollars. This demonstrates that affiliate marketing is a growing industry and that brands trust its effectiveness to drive sales and visibility.

Among the main benefits that brands or companies gain are expanding their audience, better cost control to maximize return on investment (ROI), and leveraging the extensive experience of marketing professionals (affiliates) who know their audience and what works.

However, no matter how experienced they are, it’s normal to ask some questions before placing their trust and credibility in an affiliate network. Now, let’s get into the core and see which are those five questions that will lead you to more informed decisions and successful collaborations.

1. How Do I Choose the Right Affiliate Network?

This is the first and most common question every affiliate asks. Choosing the right affiliate network is crucial for your success. Not all networks are the same, and the right choice can make a big difference. Here are some tips on what to consider when evaluating your options.

  • Reputation and Trust: Research the network’s reputation. Read reviews, look for testimonials, and ask other affiliates about their experiences. Sites like Trustpilot or Business of Apps have plenty of user reviews.
  • Support and Resources: A good network should offer support and resources to help you thrive, including marketing tools, technical assistance, and more.
  • Commissions and Payments: Review the commission structures and payment methods. Make sure they are fair and timely.
  • Offers and Niches: Ensure the network offers products or services that align with your niche and audience.

2. What Commissions Can I Expect to Earn?

Commissions are undoubtedly a key factor for any affiliate. Commission rates can vary greatly depending on the network and the products or services you promote. Generally, commissions can be a percentage of the sale (e.g., 5% to 30%) or a fixed fee per action (e.g., $10 per registration). It’s essential to understand how your commission is calculated and when you will receive your payments.

3. What Types of Support Can I Expect?

Support is indispensable when you face technical issues or need strategic guidance. A good affiliate network should offer:

  • Technical Support: To resolve any problems with your links, tracking, or platforms.
  • Strategic Assistance: Advice on how to improve your campaigns and maximize your earnings.
  • Educational Resources: Webinars, tutorials, and guides to help you continuously improve.

4. What Requirements Must I Meet to Join?

Each affiliate network has its requirements, but they generally include:

  • Having a Website or Platform with Traffic: You don’t need millions of visits, but you do need a relevant and engaged audience.
  • Complying with the Network’s Policies: This includes following the rules about promoting offers and respecting privacy policies and terms of use.
  • Being of Legal Age and Having a Valid Payment Method: Networks usually require you to have a bank account or a valid payment method.

5. How Do I Start Generating Income?

Generating income as an affiliate is not a quick path, but with effort and strategy, you can achieve it. Here are some basic steps:

  • Know Your Audience: Understand who they are, what they require, and how you can help them.
  • Create Valuable Content: Publish content that solves problems, educates, or entertains your audience.
  • Use Marketing Tools: Take advantage of SEO tools, social media marketing, and email marketing to reach more people.
  • Monitor and Optimize: Use analytics tools to see what works and adjust your strategies.


In summary, before diving into the affiliate marketing world, you must choose the right network, understand the commissions and types of support you will receive, know the affiliation requirements, and learn how to generate income effectively. Doing the necessary research and preparation will help you establish a solid foundation for your success as an affiliate.

If you want clear and transparent answers to these questions or have others you’d like to address, contact us, and we’ll gladly help you make the best decision. At Olavivo, we want you to take firm and secure steps in your promising career as an affiliate.

Join Olavivo today and enjoy competitive commissions, timely payments, top-notch support, and a passionate and successful affiliate community. Don’t wait any longer! Sign up now and start a satisfying and profitable adventure in affiliate marketing.

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