YouTube can be one of the most valuable learning resources for a digital entrepreneur. Every minute, approximately 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. There are so many videos on this enormous website that it would take you about 60,000 years of non-stop watching to view them all. 

Many of these videos can help you learn. They have completely free lessons from some of the business’s best digital entrepreneurs and marketers. Gaining knowledge is crucial for business success. Why? Because the more you know, the more advantages you will have over your competition. Knowledge is power. Furthermore, the valuable insight you will get from these YouTube videos can be an incredibly powerful tool for anyone who considers themselves an entrepreneur. You’ll be learning from someone who has years of experience.

Watching videos can be one of the most effective ways to learn new skills and strategies. The combination of audio and visual often makes the lesson stick more than something you read on a page – especially if you are an auditory or visual learner. You can see the techniques and the ideas explained, often with screenshots, visuals, and powerful images. 

So, what channels should the budding digital entrepreneur be following to tap into this wellspring of free knowledge and tips? Here are a few of the best YouTube channels where you can gather valuable insights. Follow these entrepreneurs and stay updated with their latest videos and trends.

Smart Marketer by Ezra Firestone

Ezra is the founder of and owns a private network of eCommerce brands. His goal for his business is to “serve the world unselfishly and profit.” He uses his marketing, Shopify, and eCommerce expertise to create practical applications that help Shopify store owners grow their businesses. He founded Zipify, which is a Shopify app-creation company. 

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Ezra is thought to be one of the leading eCommerce experts. He owns and operates several successful businesses, and he gains a lot of insight from this, which he passes along in his YouTube videos. 

On this channel, you will find a lot of advice for the digital entrepreneur lifestyle. For example, in Hustle’ N Grind, he advises against the typical workaholic lifestyle that many entrepreneurs aspire to. He explains that success is a marathon rather than a sprint. 

You’ll also find valuable information to apply to online marketing, such as a Facebook Ads Case Study of a 10x Profit Ads Campaign and a guide to FBA Video Ads Mastery. Ezra shares what is working for him straightforwardly and honestly so that other marketers can learn from him and succeed. 

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a big name in digital marketing. He is a New York Times bestselling author, and The Wall Street Journal described him as one of the top influencers on the internet. President Obama recognized him as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30. He is the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar, and he has worked with NBC, Viacom, Amazon, and other giant companies to grow their revenue. There’s no doubt about it – Neil knows his stuff. 

Neil has an incredible wealth of knowledge about online marketing and digital entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he shares this knowledge clearly, and straightforwardly that is easy to understand. His channels are packed with videos that break down some of the critical concepts you need to know. That includes “Top 3 Ways to Generate More Organic Search Traffic” and “5 Sneaky Ways to Promote Your Blog Without Paid Ads.”

His videos are quite simple; they involve Neil standing in front of a white screen with a few additional screenshots to illustrate the concepts he is talking about. The value he is delivering is in straightforward, simple, and honest advice. Neil tells it like it is and doesn’t overcomplicate things. His videos are valuable because they explain very effective SEO and online marketing strategies. Not only that, but he does it in a way that everyone can understand. 

Suppose you listen to these videos and try the techniques within them. In that case, there is an excellent chance you will see results. Neil understands how the internet works in an incredibly profound way, and his ideas are innovative, intelligent, and effective. 


Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency that serves Fortune 500 clients. He is also a venture capitalist, a public speaker, and a four-time New York Times Bestselling Author. With over a million subscribers, Gary’s YouTube Channel is extremely popular, and it offers a fascinating insight into the world of entrepreneurship and marketing. 

You can check out the DailyVee section, where Gary makes daily vlogs about his life as the CEO of VaynerX and a successful entrepreneur. Seeing a glimpse into his everyday life is fascinating, and it can give you many ideas about how he thinks. 

There’s also the #AskGaryVee show, where Gary answers your questions about social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, and everything else. This is a valuable resource that will help you understand some of the most challenging parts of the business. 

You’ll gain a lot from watching this YouTube channel, as you will be learning from Gary’s many years of experience as a leader in the field.  

Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael has had an incredibly successful career as an entrepreneur, and he is just getting started. He built and sold a biotech software company when he was only 19 years old, and at 22, he became a successful venture capitalist, raising $500,000 to an incredible $15 million. He also runs, a trendy website for marketers and entrepreneurs. If you want to learn more about the entrepreneurial life – you should subscribe to his YouTube Channel. 

One of Evan’s interesting things is to take the wisdom of great minds, including Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, and Simon Sinek, and distill them into powerful videos. For example, in Steve Jobs’s Top 10 Rules for Success, he includes vintage footage of Jobs that reveals some of the most important insights into his mindset.  

Evan also interviews experts and entrepreneurs, revealing their views on how to build a business. In addition to this, he created the #MentorMe series. It is to simply hang out with very successful individuals so that their beliefs and mindsets would rub off on him. Some of the famous mentors in this series have included Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Tim Ferris, and Jeff Bezos. 

Not all of the videos on Evan’s channel are about the business side of things. He also believes that being an entrepreneur is about more than just your company and work. He has created the #BelieveLife series, which focuses on the other aspects of a healthy and balanced lifestyle to help you become your best self. 

iStack Training

iStack is a community of thousands of successful leaders, marketers, and teachers in performance marketing and making money online. It was founded by CEO Eric Dyck, an expert in affiliate marketing. 

Imagine having the wisdom of thousands of successful marketers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders at your fingertips. That’s what iStack Training provides for free on YouTube. 

iStack recognizes that there are countless additional ways to make money from the internet and that each entrepreneur is different. iStack training videos are known for their actionable tips, which are explained to make them easy to apply. 

From these entertaining, clear, and highly-watchable videos, you can learn everything you need to know to succeed online – including tips on copywriting, eCommerce, Facebook CPA, mobile display, and native ads. It’s almost like a completely free university course for online marketers. 

For example, check out the fantastic 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Course. This intensive program promises to teach you how to take Affiliate Marketing to the next level. That way, you can achieve impressive success with it. If you love iStack Training, you may even want to consider their live training. You can also check out their elite retreats in the future. 

Subscribe to These YouTube Channels to Grow Your Business

The more you learn about marketing and online entrepreneurship, the more you will improve your skills, learn new strategies and grow your business in the future. 

These YouTube Channels hold hours of valuable tips, mindset-shifting ideas, actionable strategies, and interviews with the very best in the business. All of this information is available for free at any time.

Which YouTube channels do you follow? Do you have any recommendations for YouTube channels that are valuable for digital entrepreneurs? Please share them with us in the comments! 

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