If you have spent any time bouncing around the Internet, you have probably made your way onto a fair share of websites promoting an item that the website owners and/or publishers do not sell. They may not have an entire blog post about it, but they have links to where website users can go to buy the product. They may even have a disclaimer saying they use affiliate marketing and earn a commission when users purchase those products. Have you considered using affiliate marketing to grow your business? An automated affiliate website can help instantly.

The idea is that other websites would begin marketing your product to their users by sharing links that can be clicked on. In return, the website owner earns a commission for every lead, sale, or click, depending on the affiliate agreement. Keep reading to learn how to begin using an affiliate program with partner websites to grow your business.

10. Decide That Affiliate Marketing is Right for Your Business

There are plenty of reasons you should consider affiliate marketing, but before you jump in, make sure that you can put the work into the front end to get the program started so that you don’t ultimately crash and burn. If you decide to use affiliate marketing, one important question will be determining how you will pay your partners. Will you use Pay-Per-Sale (PPS), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), or Pay-Per-Lead (PPL)? How will you determine which websites to partner with and weed out those that might not go anywhere? What about the ones that may even be instances of fraud? These questions need to be answered before you move forward.


9. There Are Many Benefits to Affiliate Marketing

One is that affiliate marketing is a low-cost way to get the message out about your business. If you have a small business, you probably do not have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on advertising that may not even generate the desired results. You can use a Pay-Per-Sale approach with affiliate marketing. Why? To ensure you are only spending money when the partner has created a sale for you. The fact that you only pay for results means very low risks to you, the business owner. This means that your affiliate-marketing program is almost guaranteed to be profitable. 

8. Your Marketing Will Be More Targeted

You could pay thousands of dollars for Facebook ads or even more for a billboard on a major interstate. Or you could spend much less on a marketing program that will specifically target the population most interested in what you have to offer. With affiliate marketing, choose to use websites relevant to your product. Why? So that you are not wasting your company’s resources on marketing efforts that are doomed to fail. The trick here is to find the right partners. Make sure that you are not expending resources on partnering with websites that are either not generating traffic, are based outside of your service area, or are not reaching your target audience.

7. Start Automating the Affiliate Process

You may get so many leads from potential partners that want to become affiliates for your company. After all, they get paid by giving you real estate on their websites – that managing them feels like a full-time job. Fortunately, you can automate the process through several different means, thereby reducing the burden on yourself. When you automate the process, things like data collection and sifting through leads that probably won’t go anywhere start to take care of themselves. As a result, you actually have better control over your affiliate campaigns. You don’t spend so much time on the tedious tasks associated with affiliate marketing. 

6. Use the Right Affiliate Marketing Software

In our increasingly competitive and digital world, there is no shortage of products constantly clamoring for your attention, but which ones are actually worth using? Before you start buying software, consider some of the tasks that you need it to accomplish. These may include tracking sales coming from different affiliate partners, assigning payments to those partners for their sales, detecting fraud, determining how well various partners are performing, delegating tasks to other partners, and developing strategies to move your affiliate program forward. There are affiliate programs that will take care of everything for you, and then there are duds that will overpromise and underdeliver. 


5. Use a Chatbot for Your Affiliate Website

Chatbots are the chat windows that may pop up on a website to direct users immediately to the right place. They may use names, like Charles or Mindy, but they are entirely AI-operated. If you have a website tab for affiliate partners, you can add a chatbot to that page to start streamlining the process. It can automatically answer some of the most common questions from affiliates and potential affiliates. A chatbot can respond to standard issues and potentially resolve them. AI can take contact information so that you can get back to those partners when you are available and provide comprehensive support when you are not around. 

4. Automate Your Payment Process

If you have ever worked with an accountant, you know just how tedious the process of ensuring that all monies are collected and everyone is paid appropriately can be. The right affiliate software will do just about all of your hard work for you, including managing the payment process. If the software that you are using does not automate your payment process, consider adding on an extra plug-in or adopting different software. Easy Affiliate is one affiliate-marketing tool that will automate your payment process. There are others, so make sure you do your homework to save headaches later.

3. Use Shortened Links

Using a long link that includes the entire URL to your business’ product can deter both customers and partners, who may feel like they are being “had” for falling for an affiliate scheme. Additionally, social media generally discourages using full URLs because they are cumbersome and unattractive. Instead, use shortened links that are reduced to just one keyword. You can use different plug-ins to keep your links short, such as Pretty Links or Urchin Tracking Module. You will generate more sales and leads by using more attractive links than long URLs.


2. Avoid Going on Autopilot

Automating your affiliate marketing program can save you time, energy, resources, and headaches. But make sure you are still monitoring things regularly instead of assuming that your software is taking care of everything (even if it is). Human input helps maximize the potential of your affiliate marketing program and also to make sure that it is meeting the goals that you have in mind. Check your affiliate partners’ websites regularly to ensure they are relevant to your brand. Make sure that your ads are reaching the right people. Most importantly, communicate well with your partners and with your employees who are working on your program.

1. Enjoy Watching Your Business Grow with an Automated Affiliate Website

Isn’t the purpose of affiliate marketing to bring in more business to generate more revenue? After putting in all the work needed to get an affiliate marketing program up and running, check in regularly to ensure that it is as successful as possible. And when you start getting new sales and new leads with minimal effort on your end, take a minute to celebrate! With some of the hard work of running a business being taken care of for you, you can focus more on what matters most in business operations. Take care of your clients and customers, and keep building your business!

Try these types to boost your business. Do you have an automated affiliate website already? Share how it makes a difference!

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