There are many ways to leverage and expand the reach of your business, and one of the most popular in these social media times is through influencers. These are strategic allies to reach broader and more specific audiences, generating a more authentic, organic, and meaningful impact.

But it’s not about randomly finding someone with over 50 thousand followers on Instagram and negotiating some posts in exchange for a swap or a financial amount. This goes beyond sending products and expecting magic results.

The success of these collaborations lies in how they are managed and executed. From selecting and negotiating with the influencer to payment terms and creative freedoms. There are plenty of aspects to consider before sealing a collaboration agreement.

In this article, we will explore what you should and shouldn’t do when collaborating with influencers, unraveling key strategies to build successful relationships and avoid potential pitfalls.

What are influencers?

Influencers are individuals with a large following, credibility, and influence on social media, and, therefore, can help you increase your visibility, traffic, conversions, and sales.

By recommending your affiliate product or service, a viral effect can be generated that impacts not only the awareness or reach of your campaigns but also your sales.

If you are going to implement influencer marketing, you better know how to collaborate with them, applying best practices and tips that will help you build a strong, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationship.

Let’s start with what you should do…

Thorough Research

Before contacting an influencer, conduct thorough research on their audience, values, and style. Ensure their personality aligns with your brand image and values.

Set Clear Goals

Are you looking to increase brand awareness, generate direct conversions, or both? Setting clear goals will help you measure the success of the collaboration.

Transparent Communication

From the beginning, set clear expectations about deliverables, timelines, and any other relevant details. Stay open to feedback from the influencer and encourage constant dialogue.

Provide Creative Freedom

Influencers have built their audience thanks to their unique style. Allow them to express their creativity when promoting your brand. Providing creative freedom not only enhances authenticity but also attracts followers more genuinely.

Fair Compensation

Recognize the value of the collaborator’s time and influence through fair and competitive compensation. This will not only encourage ongoing collaborations but also build strong relationships.

What You Shouldn’t Do: Mistakes to Avoid in Your Collaborations

Ignore Authenticity

Avoid forcing influencers to promote your brand in a way that is not authentic to them. Audiences can sense a lack of naturalness, which can damage your brand’s reputation.

Neglect Diversity

Diversity is crucial. Avoid limiting yourself to a single type of influencer. Collaborating with different voices and perspectives can expand your reach and appeal to more diverse audiences.

Not Establishing Clear Contracts

The lack of a clear contract can lead to misunderstandings and disputes. Do not underestimate the importance of a contract that specifies the terms of collaboration, including timelines, deliverables, and compensation.

Not Measuring Performance

After the collaboration, don’t forget to measure performance. Ignoring data analysis means missing the opportunity to learn and improve for future partnerships.

Forgetting Continuity

Not considering continuity can be a mistake. Building long-term relationships with influencers can be more beneficial than one-time collaborations. Continuity contributes to building a consistent brand presence.

Not Keeping Commitments

Meet the established agreements regarding payment, deadlines, and creative requirements to maintain a professional and respectful relationship with the influencer.

Lack of Transparency

Avoid any lack of transparency in collaborations; ensure that any sponsored post is clearly labeled as such to comply with current regulations.


In this article, we’ve shown what you should and shouldn’t do when collaborating with influencers. By applying or avoiding what we’ve detailed here (as appropriate), you can harness the power of influencers to boost your campaigns, improving your reputation, positioning, and profitability as an affiliate.

Collaborations with influencers are a valuable strategy when handled with care and strategy. The long-term goal is to build strong-lasting relationships that benefit your brand and the influencer. The world of influencer collaborations is dynamic, so get ready to adapt and thrive on this exciting journey!

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