Email marketing is a powerful tool for e-commerce businesses looking to connect with their customers and drive sales. Knowing that e-commerce revenue is nearly $27 trillion, more companies are finding new ways to increase their numbers to stand out. With an effective email marketing strategy, businesses can target their audience, build relationships with their customers and increase revenue. 

Knowing which email marketing strategy is best for you can be tricky, so we have made a list of tips that will get you to find the right target audience. That way, every email you send to your customer is one that will get you closer to your goals. 

Create Well-Designed Emails

To have the reaction from your customers that you’re looking for and to get their attention, have a well-designed email that looks interesting enough for them to click on, so is vital to make it visually appealing. 

It doesn’t need to have tons of images and GIFs either, having a good format with headings and bullets to make it easier to read is more than enough. You can add pictures too but it’s not a requirement; what’s more important is to make sure that no matter what you do, it also looks good on mobile. Just remember to focus on a single call-to-action that is precise and use your words wisely by starting with a hook to pull people in to keep reading. You can also upsell and cross-sell in your email to make it more effective, especially in transactional emails. 

Build an Email List

Here is another must-have for your email marketing strategy. Having an email list will allow you to stay in contact with highly engaged leads that might be interested in what you offer. Understandably, many do not like sharing their contact information and this might be a challenge. Thankfully there is something you can do about it. You can convince your customers by having two main elements: Strong email capture practices and unique content that they might be interested in. 

One great example is by offering a “reward” for signing up for your email list. Offering a discount on their first order is a technique that a lot of companies use regularly with a big success rate. Not only will you get your email list to grow, but it will turn casual visitors into subscribers and even loyal customers. It’s a win-win situation that will get the ball rolling for your business.

Write a Welcome Email 

Now that you have a good chunk of people interested in your online store, it’s time to welcome them into your newsletter and hear from you. The best time for them to receive that welcome email is right after they sign up for your newsletter because that is when they are expecting to hear from you. 

Sending them at least 3 emails as a series to let them know you better before they start with their regular mailing list will give you the opportunity to set expectations about your relationship with the clientele, while also showing off who you are. You can even spread those emails a bit so that they don’t think it’s too much, but we can tell you, they work! 

It has been shown that welcome emails have 86% higher open rates than any other, and on average, they can generate up to 320% more revenue than any other promotional email. So make it as flashy as you want and show everyone what you and your business are all about!

Send Promotional Sale Emails

Welcoming email is just the start of a great relationship with your clients, and in order to treat them like royalty and keep them happy, it’s fantastic to offer them promotional sales emails as a way to thank them. Something like seasonal and holiday sales marketing campaigns is great to gather attention from your subscribers who haven’t bought anything from your store yet, transforming them from window shoppers to consumers should be your priority with these types of emails. 

You can look at big sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday which happens between November and December to see how successful these types of promotions are. At least 25% of annual retail sales come from those two months and email marketing strategy is responsible for 20% of that. So do not let those months pass you by without bringing a big promotion. It is also a great idea to make a schedule in advance and have a marketing calendar at hand so that you are ready to go on those big days. 

Let Clients Know When They Abandoned Their Cart

Everyone has done this, even you and we have done it and it’s something that at least 75% do while online shopping. You might think that there is nothing to do about those full carts that get abandoned, but there is and we are telling you what to do about it. If you are tracking site usage, you can also check how many have abandoned their carts and send them an email to let them know that they have items left in the cart and to finish their purchases. Having a Constant Contact email marketing automation feature will make things easier for you, so you don’t need to worry about it. 

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Have Live Customer Support Available

It is normal to have some issues with clients’ orders or something on the website that might need assistance right away. And some people do not like waiting for the problem to be fixed because the longer they have to wait to get it fixed, the bigger the chance that the person will leave and try going somewhere else. 

There are live chat platforms available that will send automatic messages to clients visiting your page to let them know they can have assistance in case of a problem or question. You can even set it up so that they also invite users to join your email list to get a discount and other offers in the store. You can set it up so that it answers common questions people might have or give them the option to chat directly with a human through customer service support. Having that service in e-commerce is a great tool to integrate with email marketing strategy to have an extra boost and keep your clients happy. 

Follow this proven e-commerce email marketing strategy and tell us your results below! Would you add anything else to this email marketing strategy?

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