Businesses are always looking for new and improved ways to make their jobs easier when interacting with their customers. No one has the time to sit at their computer and speak to every customer who sends an e-mail or signs up for a newsletter. Use automated ways to make this part of running a business that much easier. And that solution is landing page automation. However, what is it exactly, and why should you consider using it in your business?

What Is Landing Page Automation?

Landing page automation is the process of setting up a landing page for your website so visitors can enter information about themselves. Your customer relationship management team automatically receives this info. This information negates the need to hire people to perform data entry, send off individual e-mails, or create separate contracts for each individual. Landing page automation essentially streamlines the process of converting website visitors into customers. 


Pick A Landing Page Builder

There are a plethora of landing page builders. You can use any, really, to create a this type of page, so don’t think you have to build one from scratch all by yourself. These require some coding knowledge, so instead of wasting time trying to figure out how it works, you’re better off using a landing page builder that can already do all the work for you. Just pick one, choose a design for the page, and then connect it to your domain; AI takes care of the rest for you.

Integrate The Landing Page

In order to make your landing page work best for you, it also needs to be connected to your e-mail marketing or your marketing automation platform. Without this connection, all the information provided isn’t collected. There are three essential types of integration: direct, third party, and API. Direct integration is where API connects one platform to another between software providers. Third-party integration involves using middleware, which works like a translator between applications to use the information correctly. API integration requires you to do all the coding yourself; this allows you to customize how the data is stored and what it will be used for.

Testing The Automation Process

Before you cast your landing page automation into the wind and hope it works properly, it’s much better to test it first. Create a throw-away e-mail address that you can use on your landing page, fill out the form, and see what happens next. See if your “thank you” page shows up as it should and whether an e-mail has been sent to that e-mail address as a result. Furthermore, if there is an e-mail, is the content of it legible and formatted properly? This is where you figure out all the fine-tuning needed to ensure everything is in working order. With all of that said, what are good reasons to start implementing landing page automation into your website?

Improve Productivity

As stated earlier, landing page automation takes all the work needed to collect customer data and streamlines it through one central program. This leaves you and your employees more time to focus on the more critical tasks involved in running your business. Automation takes care of the repetitive tasks that employees can become bored with, allowing for the mundane to be still taken care of at a much faster rate.

Reduce Errors 

Landing page automation eliminates the risk of wrong information being entered into a database. Human input increases the chances of error. Thus, removing this and making it all automated ensures that the correct information is on file. Moreover, having the right information further increases productivity. Why? Because there is no need to go back in, find the faulty information, and correct it. With the advanced algorithms of landing page automation, however, campaigns look more coherent and put together every single time.


Reach Your Audience Faster 

The longer visitor information is entered into your database, the less time you have to convert them into a customer. With landing page automation, an e-mail can be sent right away to their inbox. Get ready to inform them of deals or future projects instantly. Let your customers know what they could even earn if they choose to become loyal customers. They can also stay on top of what new products you’re coming out with. How? Because they get the information as soon as your automated e-mail system sends it out. Without it, you’re quickly losing ground to your competitors who already have this automation set up for them.

Landing Page Automation Is Cost-Effective

As stated before, without hiring people to input all the data being collected, you’re saving money. How? By having an automated process take care of everything. There is really only one thing that needs to be checked regularly. That is the server and its backups are working properly, which isn’t expensive to do daily.


Maintain Brand Consistency 

Don’t waste your time and effort drafting an email from scratch. Besides, you risk getting something wrong. Landing page automation ensures that every customer receives exactly the same message and that the look and language of every e-mail are the same. This can give off that you know how to maintain the quality of your brand, strengthening your image that you’re reliable.

Enjoy a Fast and Easy Setup 

The last main reason you should consider implementing landing page automation is that… it’s pretty easy to do. There’s no training required to get it up and running. Plus, there’s nothing extra that you need to maintain on your servers. All of the data collection is done for you. You couldn’t ask for an easier system to be set up in your business. You’ll be able to reap all of the rewards from such a simple tool.

Do you use landing page automation? You should! Comment below what you like about it!

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