Many people have different conceptions about affiliate marketing; in fact, affiliate marketing is not a real concern to some people (and they would be wrong). Others think it is a pathway to making easy money, which is partially true. However, for a select few, affiliate marketing is a business that involves a lot of brains — and profits. You already understand affiliate marketing in general. Nevertheless, you need to better understand more about a profitable niche within the industry to reap amazing profits. That way, you can leverage your skills to become successful in the business.

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business, you need to know all the essential things about affiliate marketing. Are you ready to make streaming revenue? Then you’re at the right place. Affiliate marketing is more about strategic planning, as you will find out in the following sections. However, first you will have to understand how to discover a profitable niche in affiliate marketing. After all, you don’t want to waste your time in a vertical that doesn’t deem any profit. 

All About Affiliate Marketing

First of all, what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is essentially about using your platform to promote other people’s or business’ products. An affiliate marketer aims to make a conversion or increase the merchant’s product sales. Say, for instance, you signed up for a crypto exchange affiliate program. Suppose you receive the task of increasing the purchase of a particular cryptocurrency. On signing up for the program, you will receive a personalized URL link that you will share with your friends, families, acquaintances, and social media followers. 

This link will serve as the basis through which your followers will get to the site and make a purchase or deposit. It is essential to note that an affiliate marketer’s rewards are in making conversions — you will receive a commission deducted from the purchase’s profit. From the explanation above, you understand that there are three main actors in an affiliate marketing program. These three indispensable actors are the merchant or clients, the affiliate marketer, and the consumer or referral.

The Three Main Players

The merchant is also known as the client, product creator, seller, or brand. Most people consider the principal actor to be the product creator or brand. Nevertheless, you could also get this assignment from a third-party. The second actor involved in this hierarchy is the affiliate. The affiliate might be a one-man show, a big affiliate corporation, a team of content creators and digital marketers working in concert.

Yes, the affiliate is the one in charge of marketing the merchant’s products and ensuring conversion or sales. Indeed, the more effective an affiliate marketer’s strategy is, the more conversion you’ll be able to make, and you’ll also earn more money that way. It is of primary importance that you have a blog or social media account capable of driving much traffic. The last and most important actor in this hierarchy is the consumer or customer. Every affiliate marketing strategy attempts to reach these consumers. Without customers, there can be no conversion. Furthermore, if there’s no conversion, you won’t be getting any commissions.

Tips to Finding a Profitable Niche in Affiliate Marketing

Research Your Niche

The first thing you should do when looking for a profitable niche in affiliate marketing is research. You shouldn’t jump into just any niche because it seems simple, attractive, or high-paying. No, it would help if you put more effort into finding the perfect niche for you. One way to find the hottest niches or topics on the internet is by using Google trends or any other audience-insight website.

However, some people argue that the hottest topics already have too many people in them. Alternatively, that going for a lesser-known niche will serve you better. Why? Because that will give them a chance of getting jobs. It would be best to note that choosing a relatively unknown niche has its dangers, especially in niche reliability and persistence. Don’t choose a niche whose demand will fade in time. Crypto exchange affiliate programs are one of the more profitable and long-lasting niches in affiliate marketing.

Check for Monetization

The main goal of engaging in affiliate marketing is monetization. Therefore, you need to choose a niche with a lot of demand and products to market. For instance, if you have chosen cryptocurrency exchange as your niche, you must do some additional research. That way, you can consider how valuable and productive this niche is. Also, you should check to determine the maximum and minimum amount of commission you can earn on average. Another option is to explore affiliate networks. Check out sites like ClickBank and OverVault to check your chosen niche’s value, demand, and gravity.

Optimize with AdWords

Your marketing goal is to drive traffic and increase conversion for your client. Thus, you should be extra conscious of the marketable keywords in your niche. These keywords are what attract traffic and increase your ranking on search engine result pages. You can also use AdWords to optimize your niche keywords. If your niche is a cryptocurrency exchange, then you want to search for the words that have the most searches and most clicks on Google AdWords

Further research will reveal to you the average click per cost of each keyword in your niche. The click per cost metric indicates which words or niche and affiliate network or product owner are willing to pay more money. After getting your results, you should then optimize your content and entire marketing strategy for these keywords.

Start Selling Your Niche

And now you can start selling. Most important in this last phase is putting all your research and information into marketing your product. The only thing that remains in this section is finding a crypto exchange affiliate program with an attractive commission and favorable policies. There are a lot of crypto affiliate programs out there. The popular ones include the CoinBase affiliate program, Binance affiliate program, and so on. Crypto exchange affiliate programs offer attractive commissions for affiliate marketers, but you have to deserve it first.

Do you agree that crypto affiliate marketing is a profitable niche? Perhaps you have other ways of discovering market affiliate niches. Please, comment below about your favorite niche as an affiliate marketer.

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