Nowadays, there are many more options to advertise. You can promote your products in as many places as possible in a very convenient way. And what’s more convenient than using Google Ads to do the work for you? People use Google as their main search engine over 3 billion times a day. Thus, advertising on it will give a lot of exposure, leads, and sales to your brand. Get ready for the results that you are looking for. 

When used correctly, Google Ads can advertise and promote your products and services. How? When people search for the right keywords! That’s it. A step that is making things easier than ever for you and your team. Learn what you need to do to make the service do your work successfully and make your business bloom. 

What Are Google Ads?

Formerly known as Adwords, Google Ads is an online advertising program that lets you create online ads to reach your target audience effectively. You have tons of options, from where you want your ads to show up to setting up a budget that is right for you. Not only that, but you can measure the impact your ad has so that you can adjust it accordingly.

How Does It Work?

I’m sure you have seen Google Ads before, so you have an idea of how it works. But, when someone searches for something, it uses keywords typed in by the person. It shows a search engine results page (SERP) which includes paid advertisements connected with the keywords. The person will mostly see the ad on the top of the page, which almost look like organic search results. However, the only difference is that it says “Ad” or “sponsored” in bold letters on top of the result. Being on top of the page makes it more likely that the user will click on it since the majority of traffic is typically in the first page results.


The ads operate under a pay-per-click system. In other words, the ads will show up when someone searches for certain keywords that relate to your ad, and Google internally gets all the competing ads for that specific keyword to go on a bidding war. Depending on your budget, you can make the bids as high as you want to get the best positions. Since you can set up your daily budget, you don’t have to worry about spending out of your budget.

There are three options to choose from: 

1. Cost-per-mile- you pay per 1,000 ad impressions.

2. Cost-per-click- you pay every time a user clicks on your ad.

3. Cost-per-engagement- you pay depending on the user’s performance, depending on the ad. For example, if they watch a video or sign up for a list. 

How to Set up Google Ads

To keep making successful ads, you will need to break down your products or services into categories based on the structure that you already have on your website. You can divide and organize your ads between campaigns for more generalized and bigger ads and ad groups for smaller ads that are more focused on service specific rather than the whole site. 

For example, you can campaign about a diaper brand and have ad groups for the types of diapers you offer. 

Choose the Right Keywords

One of the most important things you need to set up for your ad campaigns and groups to be successful is choosing the keywords you think people will search for when looking for the services or products your website offers. They need to be as relevant as you can make them to the ad so that when someone clicks on your ad, it will take them directly where they need to be. 

You can use Google’s keyword planner, which can help get the basics keywords that might help your campaign, which can also help you estimate how much money you should bid on every keyword and get an idea of the cost of each one. You can even test some keywords to see if they are bringing up the number of visits and find the right sweet spot. Some keywords are more expensive than others, so choose wisely.

Create a Landing Page for Your Ad

Having your landing page ready for potential customers who make it to your website because they clicked an ad will have a bigger impact. Selecting a page relevant to what you’re promoting in the ad will help the person get what they need faster without having to look everywhere on your site, which can become frustrating if the person is in a hurry. Take them to their objective, and that’s it.

Make Sure Your Ad Leaves a Good First Impression

Always ensure your ad fulfills all your expectations by communicating what you need. Using keywords that the consumer is searching for will make things easier for everyone. This is why it’s so important to set up your campaigns and Ad groups so that everything gets accomplished. Writing a unique ad that is relevant, gets their attention quickly, and has a “call to action” will get the job done. Words like “Learn more” and “Shop Now” might attract them as a call to action. Remember always to keep your message clear and to the point and check for spelling and grammar errors. 

Combine It with Google Analytics

Want to get the best out of Google Ads? Combine it with Google Analytics to see what type of interactions people are having with the Ads and website. Even if it’s not necessary, it can help you to see how ads and your site are doing in the long haul. It can also show you what people explore once they are on your website — and see what else got their attention. This information can help you set up any upcoming campaigns and group ads. Plus, it helps you organize the ones that are running at the moment, making it easier to manage your budget. Google Analytics is free to use, so that’s also a big plus. 

After everything is set and done, you can hit go and see your ads bring the attention you are looking for to your website. What is so great about Google Ads over time? You’ll start getting the hang of it and strategizing even more to set your goals. That way, you’ll get the best out of every campaign and ad. It’s all a matter of maintaining consistency in what your objectives are and being concise and to the point with it. After a while, all you’ll need to do is sit tight and see those numbers go up. Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction that you’re doing the right thing.

Do you understand how paid ads via Google work? Maybe you already use them. Share your thoughts and experience below.

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