Time management is a critical pillar of success. Though we toss buzzwords like “work/life balance” or “multitasking” around plenty, many of us may struggle with supporting all the facets of our abundant lives. Different people need different time management strategies, depending on their lifestyle or profession. So stay tuned for some ideas to get some of that sweet balance working and living successfully as an affiliate marketer. 

Whether you’re a market affiliate pro or a total beginner, there are crucial elements to successfully managing your time and minimizing your stress levels. No one likes having too much to do and not enough time to do it, right? 

Track Your Time 

So the first step is being aware of how you spend your time. You may find out that you think you spend more time working on certain things than you actually do, which immediately frees up time you didn’t know you had. It’s like free money in the time bank. 

Time tracking can feel weird, but just a week of it can give you a thorough idea of what your week really looks like. We’re talking late-night TikTok dives, early morning bathroom routines – include it all. Please pay attention to how long it takes to send emails, check tracking software, and sort out resources like button ads or affiliate directories on the affiliate marketing side. Don’t bluff; you’re the only one who will see it, and it is for your own benefit! 

Plan Efficiently 

One key element of time management is efficiency in your planning. Dedicate blocks of time to specific tasks once you have a good idea of how long they’ll take. Furthermore, batch similar jobs together, so you don’t lose momentum switching gears. 

You notice that you open your computer right away after breakfast; start reviewing emails and answering any visitor questions right away instead of getting lost into an hour of Facebook strolling. Maybe you are always working but checking new insights in market affiliate chat rooms rather than your own stat updates for new clients. If you finish work that will make the most difference first or has the highest value first, you’ll feel incredibly impactful. That’s called the 80/20 rule.


Please Prioritize 

The most obvious element to time management, but no means any less necessary for its obviousness, is prioritizing. If something is due tomorrow, it shouldn’t wait until an hour before leaving the office. Get the most impactful things done first. It’ll make you look and feel organized and on top of things. 

For example, taking a look at your sales must be accurate. You then have to track orders, find new clients who might use your products, and record contact info for future references. It takes a lot of work, but you will be proud after finishing this daily step. Granted, it is so much more fun to do the little things that give us quick wins, but that’s just procrastination whispering sweet nothings into your ears. Don’t give in. Plan for those quick wins between the more significant tasks. 

The 4 Ds of Time Management 

You may not be familiar with something called the “Four D’s of Time Management.” They refer to a popular method to make sure you’re sorting your tasks effectively into four categories. If you need help prioritizing as a market affiliate, this should be useful. 

What do the four D’s stand for, you may ask? They stand for Do, Defer (or Delay), Delegate, and Delete (or Drop). Essentially, you need to look at your market affiliate to-do list each day and determine (oh, another D!) which tasks can be done quickly by you or someone else, which ones to drop altogether, and which ones to put on hold. 

Delete (or Drop) 

The Delete category may be the most fun, though it could cause you some turmoil. It could be as fast and easy as cleaning your inbox out, but it could also refer to tasks that aren’t relevant anymore. You might even need to learn to say no instead of moving that one item to new to-do lists every day. 


The Delegate category works when you have a team (or partner) that you can trust to complete the work. Make sure that whomever you delegate to has the skills, capacity, time, and authority to complete the task by the time you need it. You might have a partner to complete daily emails, answer questions, or browse tracking software. That way, you can focus on things like joining affiliate programs and submitting to directories. However, the danger of a delegated task is that it could turn into a boomerang. That means it can come back to you, especially when you least expect it. 

Defer (or Delay)

Deferring tasks is something we all do, though it can easily turn into procrastination if we’re not careful. Look through your plan for the day and decide which market affiliating tasks you must address immediately versus ones that can wait a bit. This simple step can even help you move other categories into the Do/Delete category. 

For example, you may really want to update some old blogs to reflect better keywords. However, your ezine and newsletter are due on Monday, and it’s Friday. You can’t miss the publications because it introduces the latest products and services with promotions for your customers. Delay the blog pages for a couple more days until your newsletter and ezine are complete. There may even be tasks that you deferred long enough that you should delete them now! 


The Do category is pretty self-explanatory. If you need to do something time-specific, do it now, especially if it’s a micro-task that will only take a few minutes, like answering a quick email. A productive start to your day clears up the rest of your day to get even more done or polish work that could use a little help instead of making it perfect on the first go. Hey – we can even make the fifth category — DONE! 

Have Good Intentions to Prevent Regret 

Now for a fun element of time management: intention. Don’t spend your time on something you don’t want or intend to do. The main idea behind this is not looking back on something and saying, “I wish I hadn’t spent X amount of time doing that instead of something else.” 

For example, if you got sucked into watching terrible reality TV for 2 hours when you were just looking for background noise while assigning blog content, that was unintentional. However, if you set out to spend those two hours binging the latest episodes of Hoarders and loved every minute, then that was intentional. Now you are ready to work hard for the next two hours. If it is something you want to do, it’s not wasting time. Spend your time with activities you find meaningful and recharging because they make you happy, whether you plan them out or not. 

Follow Through Is Essential 

The easiest and perhaps most apparent time management element is actually to follow through on your planning. When you establish serious plans, you’re about 50% more likely to execute them. The method doesn’t matter whether you need to write them down, use a virtual calendar ( or whiteboard), or say them aloud to someone for accountability. Use whatever planning method works for you. You may even find you need trial and error before finding the right one. 


Manage Your Time As an Affiliate Marketer Using the 4 Ds

Using the four D’s will significantly enhance your time management skills as a market affiliate or just in life in general! However, with all this talk of managing your time and planning your tasks, make sure you find the time to take care of yourself and maintain your sanity. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a nap, a trip to the gym, a quick drive with the music blasting, or a cuddle puddle with the puppy. Whatever floats your boat, make sure you make time to make yourself happy, or else what’s the point?

Did you know about the four Ds of time management before this article? Share your thoughts below!

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