The 9 Questions Advertisers Ask Before Choosing an Affiliate Network

Many critical decisions have to be made when embarking on an affiliate marketing journey. One of the main ones, besides which vertical to specialize in, relates to the choice of affiliate network. It’s a crucial decision for any advertiser, marking the beginning of a relationship that can either drive the success of their marketing campaigns or lead to disappointing outcomes.

There are plenty of affiliate networks out there, all of which may tout themselves as the best. However, you shouldn’t simply go with the first one you find out in a quick Google search. You must get to know them well and conduct research before committing to one or another. As part of this investigative process, advertisers typically ask themselves some fundamental questions to ensure they make the best decision.

In this article, we’ll explore the nine main questions advertisers consider before choosing to work with an affiliate network. Take note of these questions and make sure to get clear answers before initiating a business relationship.

What experience and reputation does the affiliate network have?

The experience and reputation of an affiliate network are crucial factors that advertisers carefully evaluate. They seek a network with a proven track record of success in the industry, demonstrating its ability to deliver tangible results to clients. Advertisers want to ensure the network has a reputation for integrity, transparency, and ethical business practices. They aim to partner with a trustful network that can represent their brand professionally and effectively.

What type of affiliates does the network have, and how do they align with my brand?

The quality of affiliates is as important as the quantity. Advertisers want to know if the network attracts affiliates aligned with their brand and genuinely committed to promoting quality products. They look for a network with relevant affiliates and suitable audiences for their products or services. Additionally, they want to ensure that affiliates share their brand values and are committed to the responsible and effective promotion of their products.

What tools and resources does the network offer to maximize the success of my campaigns?

Advertisers seek an affiliate network that provides a wide range of tools and resources to help them maximize the success of their campaigns. From advanced tracking, analytics technology, and dedicated account support to customizable marketing materials and access to a global affiliate network. The more tools and resources an advertiser has available, the easier it is for them to optimize their campaigns and achieve their business goals.

What is the fee structure, and how will it impact my ROI?

The fee structure of an affiliate network is a critical factor that advertisers always examine. They want to understand how fees work and how they will impact their return on investment (ROI). Advertisers look for a transparent and fair fee structure that maximizes their ROI, ensuring that every dollar spent on affiliate marketing translates into tangible and measurable results.

What is the flexibility and scalability of the network?

Advertisers need a network that can grow and adapt to their changing needs. They seek flexibility related to commission models, the ability to expand into new markets, and adaptability to digital marketing trends.

How can I protect my brand and ensure that the traffic I receive from affiliate networks is quality traffic?

Previously, a lack of transparency in affiliate marketing could result in ads displayed on unreliable websites due to practices like CPA Black Hat. Now, it’s crucial for advertisers to carefully review the terms of use of any network they choose, seeking guarantees of transparency and quality. Affiliates should provide regular, real-time reports revealing where products are being promoted. This helps advertisers have clarity on who is representing their brand online. Additionally, publishers must ensure they do not infringe on third-party property rights when using creative materials, such as trademarks or personal rights, and avoid spam practices in product promotion.

Do I have control over which affiliates or publishers I can work with?

It’s a key question in affiliate marketing. Some networks provide this option, while others do not. Allowing any publisher to pick up an ad can be problematic for advertisers, as they lose control over where their brand is displayed. In 2014, major brands like AT&T and P&G found their ads appearing on pornographic websites. Although they were unaware of these ads, they faced a public relations nightmare, precisely what brands seek to avoid. Therefore, advertisers should work with networks that allow them to determine where their ads will be published.

Can the network offer control over the geographical areas of promotion?

Imagine investing in an affiliate program and discovering that your products are being promoted in countries where your company does not operate. Control over the geographical areas of a campaign allows brands to avoid this issue, ensuring they do not pay for sales in unwanted countries. Advertisers need to have the ability to easily choose the areas where they want to promote their products and even hyper-localize or direct their campaigns to a specific city or region. An affiliate network should provide tools to carry out these types of campaigns.

What type of support and customer service does the network offer?

Finally, advertisers greatly value the level of support and customer service offered by an affiliate network. They want to know they will have access to a dedicated team of experts available to assist them at every step of the process, from initial campaign setup to ongoing optimization and results analysis. Excellent customer service can make a difference in the overall advertiser experience and satisfaction with the network.


Selecting the right affiliate network is a strategic step that can define the success of an advertiser’s marketing campaigns. By considering these nine key questions, advertisers can make informed decisions that help them build fruitful and lasting relationships in the affiliate marketing realm.

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