If you want to launch your online store and start your e-commerce quickly and easily, this list is just for you. Many website builders out there will do just fine. However, we want to make this as easy and reliable as possible so that you can get the ball rolling, especially if you don’t have much knowledge on how to create one. Here are some of our recommendations for some of the most reliable and effective e-commerce website builders. That way, you can start your e-commerce business. 


You want the most popular e-commerce website builders right now. Ones that make it simple to build an online store in no time while making it look like it was made by a pro. You don’t need to know anything about coding or have a degree in web design with Shopify. It has hundreds of templates that include features like SSL certifications, custom domains, and other tools that will it make it easier for you and your clients to navigate the site easily and safely. It also gives you the option to sell your merchandise on other platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay with their native partner integrations option. 

Shopify makes running your business easier by having tools for your day-to-day operations. That includes inventory management. You have the option to integrate as many payment options as you need. You can add Bitcoin, PayPal, Shop Pay, and more, making it convenient for clients around the world to pay. Not only that, but it is ideal for you to expand your clientele. There’s unlimited bandwidth, Customer service support 24/7, and a mobile app to manage your business anywhere you go. 

You can try it out with a free trial to see if Shopify is right for you without filling out any credit card information. They also have many paid plans that are affordable. 


Because of the demand and how fast the industry of e-commerce is moving, Wix now has the option to build your online store in a breeze. Their drag-and-drop builder and customizable templates make you create the online store that you always wanted. Plus, with domain name registration and web hosting, you don’t need to think too much and can get in the action quicker. They also added helpful tools to manage your business. That includes selling on multiple channels like Instagram, Facebook, eBay, or Google Shopping. You can track orders, accept online payments, and build abandoned cart campaigns. 

Wix offers many things like free SSL certificates, SEO-optimized product pages. Plus, you have the ability to import CSV files into your store. However, it lacks tools like inventory management, dropshipping capabilities, or low-stock alerts. You can still try it for free, but you cannot sell anything until you upgrade to a paid plan. Wix is a good place to start, especially if you have a small business and are looking for something simple, yet effective.  


If you are a small- to medium-sized business looking for a basic online storefront that requires little maintenance, with very few technical elements, Weebly is a great e-commerce website builder. Weebly is free to use, with features like real-time shipping, and coupons; but in order to get your domain name and other cool features, you will need to select a payment plan. 

Some of their features include inventory and order management, editing, importing/exporting information for inventory in bulk, mobile-ready websites, and a coupon builder to create promotions and campaigns for your store. It doesn’t have as many capabilities as the others on the list. Nevertheless, it’s fantastic for people with a small budget that wants something easy to manage and get your online store running in very little time. 

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One of the most well-known and best website builders out there is Squarespace. It is perfect for those with lots of creativity and full of features for those that want an online store that will stand out from others. There are hundreds of well-designed templates that you can customize. Customize the color, font, text, and images to go with your brand. 

Although Squarespace started as a traditional website builder, its online selling platform has everything you need to have a successful business. It lets you accept payments through PayPal, Apple Pay, Afterpay, and Stripe. Plus, you can even sell gift cards and subscriptions if you sign up for the Commerce Advanced plan. If you already have a website with Squarespace and don’t want to change it to an e-commerce website, it lets you add a Shopify buy button. It unlocks hundreds of payment options, currency support, shipping integrations, and much more. 

Although it has all the basics when it comes to starting an online store, like inventory management, shipping label printing, etc., it doesn’t have the best tools to manage it, as Shopify or BigCommerce has, and it doesn’t have that many payment options either.  


GoDaddy has been around since the late 90s, so you might know that they are known for being a good website builder. However, it also is a great place to create an online store. Their service is very beginner-friendly. So much so that it has artificial design intelligence to build your site quickly and exactly like you want it. All their templates are mobile-friendly and there’s a big selection of them too. It has many payment options, and social media integration. In fact, it is the same as integration with Square Point of Sale. That way, all your businesses (online and retail) are in one place. 

Although it has many things that can help you get started, the downside is that you don’t have that many creative options when it comes to creating your online store. Plus, it has very few features comparing it with other places. GoDaddy only lets you sell up to 1,500 products. Therefore, if you are looking to have a big-scale operation and more freedom, this might not be the best fit for you. Nevertheless, it’s a good start for a small business operation. 

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BigCommerce is one for those who want to build a big business into an enterprise-level online store. Their e-commerce website builder services cater to those who are more on the tech-savvy side. They offer many customization options to bring it up to scale with your vision. It has everything from SEO apps, international selling capabilities, and multichannel sales on social media and other online selling sites, to multi-currency support. 

But even with all the features it has, you will need to buy a domain name elsewhere. Then, connect it to your store since they don’t have that service. One complaint that people have with BigCommerce is that it’s not flexible enough like other services like Shopify Plus which has other tools for bigger-scale stores. Nevertheless, you can try it for yourself with their 15-day trial and see if it works for you.

Do you use any of these e-commerce website builders? Comment below the one you like the best and why.

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