Having freelancers in your business can be the catalyst for turning your passion project into an utterly oiled machine. It is crucial to find the right workers with the technical knowledge to help with those tasks that are a handful for you to do. Hiring global freelancers will allow you to focus on the main challenges that need your attention. Whether you are in affiliate marketing or have a startup kicking off, having those extra hands is an excellent lucrative option that can make or break in those first few months. 

That is why it is critical to know what’s good and what doesn’t work when assembling a freelancing team in this day and age. Many businesses are taking steps to go digital and look for help elsewhere; thus, knowing where to start and what to look for needs to be a priority. So before jumping on a freelance site, searching and financing global freelancers, consider the following options. We compiled a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts to show you the ropes of hiring freelancers. That way, you can make the right business decisions and pick professionals who can help you reach your goals. Let us help you join the freelancing force that is changing the game.

Do: Vet Any Foreign Freelancer Before Hiring

Many unique and talented freelancers are not difficult to find, especially if you know your way on the internet. But still, not every freelancer will be the perfect fit for your business, so to hire the right ones that will grow your business, vetting is crucial. Going through the vetting process will assure you that you are making the right decision. 

Going over every detail, like requesting client testimonials, an online portfolio, samples of past works, is an extra step. However, a video chat interview is not enough when it’s an international candidate. Assigning them for a paid trial project will also give you an idea of the candidate’s performance and if it will work on your team or not. Hiring the wrong person can be a more costly deal, with more needed headaches and poor work performance. It is better to take your time finding suitable candidates than to rush things. 

Do: Always Keep Your Communication Channels Open

Working remotely from various countries around the globe can make communication with your team different from other “traditional” local jobs. So to keep everyone in the same place, it is vital to maintain healthy contact with your freelancer team.

Having conversations about milestones, objectives, new clients, and upcoming projects, even bringing positive encouragement, is critical to keep everyone motivated and informed of everything happening. Having ways to communicate with everyone also means asking for their feedback too. Asking about the workflow, technicalities that are needed, and even input will help you find other ways to grow and incorporate ideas that you never thought about. 

You can use many outlets, like Asana, Skype, Basecamp, email, etc. No matter the software or way, it needs to make things easier for everyone to communicate without interruptions.

Do: Remember to Respect Global Time Zones 

Having people from all over the world comes with challenges that can be a problem if you don’t pay attention. That is why it is essential to remember time zones when having international contractors for everything from deadlines and setting up meetings that are good for both parties. You will sometimes need to work earlier than usual or later to accommodate your freelancer’s working hours. 

When sending emails, it is also important to remember that you cannot expect them to answer right away if it’s late at night in their time zone. Unless it’s part of their contract to be responsible outside working hours, it’s better to be patient. You should also consider their cultural background, especially if their holidays and traditions are different from yours. Always be respectful of their culture and consider it when working on an important project with tight deadlines.

Do: Check Local Laws About Hiring Freelancers

Before going on a freelance search, it is vital to learn about the laws of that country. Believe it or not, one of these legal details is to know the difference between an employee and a freelancer. Employees have to do their work in a specific way, can’t choose their salaries, and have a set schedule. On the other hand, freelancers can select their rates, when or where to work, and do jobs for various clients. Employees can also have other benefits like health insurance and paid vacations, while freelancers choose when to take vacation time and take care of their insurance.

If you are in the United States, you will need to classify which employees are freelancers on the Labor Department or the IRS; not doing so can end in fines for not specifying and even some potential legal issues. Since every country has its own laws, hiring international contractors can be risky depending on the requirements of each location. It can be even more complicated if, for example, the contractor files a lawsuit. You’ll need to find legal representation outside the country, which can be expensive. Your best option is to have legal counsel that can help you reduce any risks and research international laws before going in.

Do: Be Clear About the Expectations and Specifications 

It is essential to clarify what you expect from your freelancers when you hire them. In fact, it is better to provide them with documentation that is as detailed as possible. Why? So that they can do their task on time. It will be everything you need with the correct requirements and milestones. When you outline these critical points, it guarantees that everyone working on the project is well informed and can revise something if they need to.

Documenting every little thing, even if you think it’s non-important, will make the work easier for everyone. Furthermore, with good communication between the team, it is a guarantee that everyone will work on time and effectively. Likewise, allow freelancers to ask questions, so both parties benefit from having clear expectations. 

Do Not: Hire Because of Pricing

We get it that sometimes finances can be a bit tight, especially when a young business is taking off. So, the temptation to get a general freelancer or one with lower rates than others might be on the table, but before you take that step, remember that it is more important to have the right people than the right price. Many international freelancers are specialists in what you’re looking for, especially in affiliate marketing. Please understand that they will have fair rates within your budget and can work exceptionally fine. 

Getting experienced freelancers that know what you’re going through and know what to do will have better feedback and work ethics that you’re looking for. The result of getting the right people is that the development and growth of your business will be more noticeable. Plus, you’ll complete your work in shorter times. It is crucial to do a trial project to see their pace and how well it’ll work for you. Even if hiring someone with lower rates sometimes means that their job won’t be as good, it is more important to have someone capable than anything else. 

Are you following these do’s and don’ts when hiring global freelancers? Feel free to share your experience below or any ideas you might add to this list.

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