The Philosophy of Self Improvement for Digital Marketers Based on Jordan Peterson’s Method

In this modern, chaotic, and increasingly digital world, we can all use a few pointers on how to keep ourselves in tip-top shape, especially when it comes to maintaining and advancing our careers. Self improvement is especially important in the world of Digital Marketing because, as we all know, the world is changing every day, sometimes even by the hour. We have put together some special tips and guidelines to follow using the methods of Dr. Jordan Peterson, known around the world for his lectures on getting our lives in order to create a successful and fulfilling career. Granted, Dr. Peterson is not a digital marketer, but his advice and wisdom can fit perfectly into assisting your job as a Digital Marketer. He has used these steps and processes to take his career to heights he never thought imaginable. Keep reading to learn how you can use Jordan Peterson’s methods for self improvement as an affiliate.

Learn to create a schedule and keep to it for immediate self improvement.

This concept is paramount to our success in the digital marketing field. When we keep ourselves organized, not only does it help control the chaos and disorder of the workday, but it also helps keep us clear-headed and focused on the tasks at hand. However, following a schedule is difficult for many people. Dr. Peterson recommends starting a plan by keeping it very simple. First, you establish what your daily, weekly, or monthly goals are going to be. Maybe your goal is to complete three projects a week or achieve a particular promotion or position within six months.

Whatever the goal is, the process is generally the same. Once you make that pattern, it becomes easier to break down essential goals into smaller goals that you can accomplish in your given workday. Start with the little things you want to do that are essential to achieving your goal. Once these become routine, you can alter or redesign your schedule into a more complex one.

Build up a full and representative demonstration of your skill sets on social media.

Now, that does not mean putting every piece of work you have ever done out on social media for people to see. The goal here is to show prospective employers (or show your current employer how good you really are!) a wide scale of your skills as a digital marketer. Employers are always looking for examples, and many of them remain silent and comb over prospective employees without ever making contact. Having an easily accessible online portfolio of your best works gives that employer an avenue to review what you can do for them.

During his days as a professor at Harvard (and again at the University Of Toronto), Dr. Peterson began recording and posting his lectures on YouTube. This in and of itself gained him a small fraction of fame within his local community and profession. When he first obtained fame online in 2016, potential fans already had over 150 videos and over 500 hours of content to learn who Dr. Peterson was. Keep reading for more ways to experience self improvement in affiliate marketing and other areas of your life.

Network, network, network!

No, really, get out there and network. It is a crucial part of having a digital work life. Jordan Peterson leveraged his networking ability to create a juggernaut of an online community by simply networking with his peers. He managed to take his YouTube account from just over 10,000 subscribers in 2016 to nearly 5 million in 2022. Okay, so we can’t all go on the most famous podcasts and create viral videos to gain our community that way. However, what you can do is go to that work party. You can reach out to podcasters in the marketing community. Furthermore, you can attend conferences, lectures, and workshops. You can lead your own if that’s more to your desire.

The more time you can spend learning from industry leaders and your peers will only help you gain more knowledge and skills to use to your advantage. The point is for you to grow and foster your connections continually. Not only will your community of people succeed, but so will your skill sets and abilities. As Dr. Peterson has stated, “Always assume the person you’re speaking to knows something you don’t know.”

Keep your brand up to date and relevant.

Aside from developing your networking community, building up your personal branding is highly beneficial. People want to know not only what your skills are, but what kind of person you are too. That can mean everything from simple housekeeping, such as making sure your contact information is all current and up to date, all the way to reviewing your own social media history and scrubbing out any parts that might be questionable. We were all young once; it’s just a simple fact in today’s world that even a simple mistaken post from years ago could look unfavorable to a prospective employer. You will also want to show your areas of expertise and any extra certifications and qualifications you may have.

When it comes to self improvement, as Dr. Peterson puts it, you want to present yourself in the best light possible. And why shouldn’t you? It is a complicated and competitive workspace, after all. Put your best foot forward and your best accomplishments forward for people to see. Keep in mind, though, that over-posting can be spammy and annoying, and there is a sweet spot around 3 to 4 times a week or so. It’s enough to show you are active and engaged, but not too much that it can irritate followers. The best way to do this is to find and join skill-related groups and join in on a conversation. 

Take on bigger and bolder responsibilities for self improvement.

Never be afraid to challenge yourself; that is a crucial way in which we all grow and have self improvement. If all you ever do is take on the same old tasks and projects repeatedly, you won’t give skills and abilities a chance to expand, leading to lots of problems, least of all burnout from your profession. New opportunities will always continue to appear on your career path, and choosing the ones that will let you shine with your skill set and allow you to learn and grow will typically be the most rewarding, even if not in the most immediate ways.

One of Dr. Peterson’s most powerful messages for people who listen to him is to take responsibility for yourself and your life. The ways in which he does this himself are numerous and relatively simple. One of the best advice is to simply stop doing the things you know you should not be doing. It will extend to your professional life as well. Setting yourself attainable goals, keeping your promises to yourself and others, being a leader when need be, and always searching for opportunities to improve your skills and abilities are all fantastic ways to shoulder more responsibility and improve your life goals and career.

Are you familiar with Jordan Peterson’s method? Share your experience below, or describe other self improvement tips for affiliates.

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