Success in affiliate marketing isn’t just about choosing a trending vertical, developing a proper strategy, and having perseverance and commitment. It also heavily relies on the tools you use to automate some operational tasks and maximize your efforts and results.

Within this essential toolkit, affiliate tracking software stands out as a personal ally for affiliates looking to measure, analyze, and optimize their campaign performance, as well as gain valuable insights.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to make a strong entry into the affiliate marketing industry, you need to choose software that paves the way for you.

But how many software options are out there, and which are the best ones to use? 

We may not have the answer to the first question (there are many options in the market), but for the second one, we can guide you to make the right decision. Below is a list of ten highly recommended tracking software options to help you choose the one that best suits your needs, goals, and budget.


Voluum is one of the most popular and powerful affiliate tracking software on the market. It allows you to track, measure, and analyze the performance of your affiliate campaigns in real time, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize your results. Voluum offers different plans and payment options. The basic plan starts from $199 per month and includes 6 months of data retention, one million events, and personalized support in less than 24 hours. The advanced plan starts from $599 per month, offering up to 12 months of data retention, ten million events, and support via chat or email in less than four hours. You can try Voluum for free for 14 days, accessing all its features.


Binom is another widely used and recognized affiliate tracking software. It is a self-hosted tracking platform and an undisputed leader in click processing speed and report creation. Its main goal is to save you time and effort. Binom has a fixed price of $69 per month, offering unlimited clicks, domains, lifetime updates, and 24/7 support with responses within a maximum of five minutes. Additionally, you can save 30% if you pay annually. You can try Binom for free for 31 days.


Everflow presents itself as a comprehensive platform offering a complete set of features designed to facilitate effective partner management and optimize the performance of affiliate marketing campaigns. One of Everflow’s key benefits is its ability to scale growth by aligning pricing with user success. The platform adapts to individual growth needs, providing users with a solution that evolves with their specific requirements. In terms of pricing, Everflow follows a growth-aligned model.


ClickMeter is a software platform for monitoring all marketing links from a centralized database. It is ideal for organizations that need to compile information in a brief period. Metrics are displayed in a highly intuitive format that facilitates interpretation, increasing conversion rates, and refining existing marketing campaigns. ClickMeter is available at $99 per month and $349 per month with additional features.

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is tracking software that allows you to create and manage your affiliate links using multiple tracking methods, such as cookies, pixels, redirects, or postbacks. You can access exclusive and lucrative offers, identify, and analyze traffic sources, as well as segment your audience based on their characteristics, interests, and behaviors. The Pro plan costs $129 per month with annual billing or $139 if billed monthly. It offers unlimited affiliates, over 22 integrations, 125 plugins, and advanced reports. You can try it for free for 14 or 30 days.


With BeMob, you can create, test, and optimize your affiliate content or ads using A/B, multivariate, or split tests and leveraging automation and AI-based optimization features. Its basic plan is free and offers up to 100,000 events and one month of data retention. The advanced plan costs $499 per month, offering up to 30 million events and six months of data retention. Try it for free for 14 days and enjoy all the software’s features.


ThriveTracker is a tracking software that facilitates the generation of custom reports and charts and access to data-driven insights to help you make better decisions for your online business. With different plans that fit your needs and budget (ranging from $35 to $299 per month), it offers unlimited events, domains, and users, as well as phone and chat support.


LeadMetrics specializes in accurate lead tracking. If your goal is to maximize lead capture and optimize conversion, this tool becomes your strategic ally. It provides a variety of analytical tools to help affiliates understand and improve the performance of their campaigns. Offering detailed reports that allow you to evaluate the performance of each affiliate link, identify the most effective traffic sources, and make real-time adjustments to maximize results. It has flexible and variable plans based on the number of clicks or conversions you want to track, providing convenient scalability for users of all sizes.


AffTrack is a comprehensive affiliate marketing software designed to simplify the management and expansion of affiliate networks. With a solid set of features, it provides affiliates with the necessary tools to improve their campaigns and achieve optimal results. The platform covers various aspects, including tracking, reporting, and optimization. The software offers a solid plan at $199 per month, providing unlimited access to all features. Overall, AffTrack stands out as a valuable resource for affiliates looking to elevate the management of their affiliate networks.


RedTrack is a powerful tracking solution for affiliate marketing professionals looking to optimize and manage their campaigns effectively. Among its key benefits is its ability to handle large volumes of tracking events, which is crucial for affiliates involved in large-scale campaigns. The platform also provides advanced reporting features, allowing users to analyze the performance of their campaigns and make informed decisions. The “Solo” plan is available for $1,490 per year, equivalent to tracking three million events per month. The annual payment option includes 2 months free.


From the robust capabilities of Voluum and Binom to the versatility of ClickMeter and the efficiency of BeMob, all the above tools are designed to take your campaigns to the next level. Whether you’re focusing on precise lead capture, efficient network management, or large-scale campaign optimization, they’ll provide you with the best solutions tailored to your needs.

With flexible pricing options and plans that fit various budgets, they will give you a significant competitive advantage to stand out in a dynamic market. Make the most of affiliate tracking software to optimize your campaigns, better understand your audience, and make informed decisions.

Improve your affiliate marketing game by choosing the right software from our curated list. Measure, analyze, and optimize your campaigns with these essential tools, gaining valuable insights for a prosperous journey. Start your New Year’s resolution with the ultimate toolkit for affiliate triumph!

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