It’s been a challenging year as a global pandemic can take its toll on mental health. It’s always a good idea to find ways to keep yourself active and in control no matter the circumstances. Working from home can be challenging too, which is something that, by now, every affiliate marketer knows way too well. You should follow positive people and mindful influencers to help keep you on track with work, and life. Where can you find great influencers without wasting your time filtering through the frauds? Well, this is where Steve Aoki comes to the rescue.

 If you don’t know who he is, Steve Aoki is a DJ. Record producer and music programmer that, just like everyone else, got affected by the pandemic and decided to look for help and at the same time help others find ways to keep themselves healthy mentally, but also physically. He made this series of interviews with various experts to give some tips and tricks and share their knowledge on staying healthy under challenging times. In this list of mindful influencers, we’ll present some of the critical parts and people involved in the Mindfulness Marathon.

Andy Puddicombe – Meditation and Mindfulness 

Co-founder of the Headspace app and teacher of meditation and mindfulness, Andy Puddicombe had a horrific car accident and many traumas that made him go back into meditation to stay sane and ended up going deep into learning the benefits of meditating at least once a day. Meditation can change the way you look at life by making you more relaxed, with a clearer mind, and feeling at peace. Learning to meditate is a way to train your mind the same way you train your body for a marathon. Mindfulness calls for the ability to be present and not distracted by everyday things. 

Seeing everything without having your emotions control you and feeling overwhelmed is the key to maintaining your mind and life. Puddicombe doesn’t have a specific number of times a week that you need to do to achieve mindfulness by meditation, but he assures you that the more you do it, the better you’ll get. You can read about it or watch videos about how great it is, but you won’t comprehend how much good this will do to your mind until you try it for yourself. He recommends doing a 10-day plan with 10 minutes a day to try it out and see if meditation will help your life turn around. Keep reading for more mindful influencers. 

Wim Hof – Cold Therapy

Wim Hof is an extreme athlete known for breaking Guinness World Records. One is for swimming under the ice for prolonged times. Another is for doing half a marathon while barefoot on ice and snow. So who better to talk about how cold therapy can help your body and mind? This transformational technique has been proven to help people with mental health problems by going to the deepest parts of the brain. A combination of breathing exercises can tap into the immune system and reset the body, giving you more control of it. 

He explains that when your body is in the cold, the only thing focusing on is to survive, connecting everything in your body to fight what is known as cell biological stress. It can also activate a more profound resistance in your immune system and things you didn’t think your body could do. Doing cold therapy has shown a higher level of adrenaline running thru your body than someone that goes bungee jumping for the first time. The combination of breathing exercises with cold therapy will help you release all the stress you’ve been accumulating and cleanse your body. 

Rhonda Patrick – Heat Therapy 

Rhonda Patrick is the creator of FoundMyFitness that helps promote a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically. After noticing how her mood and body felt after using a sauna and going back to work, she started investigating heat therapy. She found that your body in heat therapy goes through the same process as exercising, with the blood flow increasing, calorie-burning, and sweat. Just 25 minutes in a sauna is the equivalent of 25 minutes in a moderate session of cycling.

Studies have shown that people with heart diseases have improved when they use heat therapy at least 2 t 3 times per week, and their chances of dying of heart failure have dropped significantly. It can even help people with drug-resistant depression, anxiety, and stress because it helps your body produce neurons and neuroplasticity to help with mental diseases. She recommends that if you don’t have access to a sauna, you can try having hot baths for 30 minutes, do the work, and finish it off with a cold shower to cool down your body. Continue reading to learn more about powerful influencers that you should follow! 

Jim Kwik – Memory

Jim Kwik is an international speaker and memory and speaking expert with 25 years of experience who thinks that having a clear mind can help us focus in stressful situations. The feeling of mental burnout is one that many people is very familiar with, and it feels like that because you’re doing too much but at the same time too little of the things that you care about, so it’s essential to be aware of these ten steps:

  1. Mind Diet: eating foods that can are neuro-nutrition like avocado, blueberries, olive oil, eggs, walnuts, dark chocolate, and more.
  2. Killing ANTs: which means Automatic Negative Thoughts that you need to fight them off your brain.
  3. Movement Exercise: when your body moves, your brain moves too.
  4. Brain Nutrition: identify with a nutrient test if you’re getting the nutrients your brain needs, especially Omega 3.
  5. Positive Peer Group: having people around you that challenge you, educate you, cheer you and inspire you. “Who you spend time with is who you become.”
  6. Cleaning Environment: having a room area will make your brain feel refreshed and better.
  7. Sleep: when you are resting, you consolidate your short and long memory. Having dreams is also very important.
  8. Protection from Physical Harm: your head is significant, so protect it with a helmet when doing outdoor exercises.
  9. New Learning: discovering something every day will create neuroplasticity neurons. In turn, that will help you live longer and protect you from Alzheimer’s disease. 
  10. Stress Management: do meditation and yoga to keep you centered. 

Dr. Michael Breus- Sleep

He’s called the sleep doctor for something. Dr. Breus is a clinical psychologist specializing in sleep disorders, something that’s been affecting many people worldwide since the pandemic started. Sleep is vital, and even more, than you think; when you have a good night’s sleep, you can work better. Having a lack of sleep can trigger mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Dr. Breus gives a few tips to help you get the rest that you need:

  1. Drink coffee only 90 minutes after waking up. Sleeping will make you lose 1 liter of water. Coffee is a diuretic and makes you feel worse. Waiting 90 minutes will help you be more energetic. 
  2. Drink lots of water. As soon as you wake up, drinking water will help you gain the water you lost during the night.
  3. Get 15 minutes of sunlight every morning. It’ll take the brain fog and grogginess away.
  4. Stay active. Especially during the lockdown, it’s essential to keep yourself engaged.
  5. Don’t drink caffeine after 2 pm. Caffeine will stay in your system for 8 hours, so it might keep you awake at night.
  6. Power down 1hr before bed. You can watch something that can help you with positive thinking, avoid watching the news.
  7. Stay cool in bed. Being too warm will interrupt your sleep. 
  8. Write a gratitude list before bedtime. Not only will it keep you in a good mood before falling asleep, but it will also help you keep nightmares away.

Do you follow these mindful influencers? What do you think of their ideas? Maybe we left some mindful influencers out that you would like to share with us. Leave a comment below!

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