Affiliate marketing is a dynamic and ever-evolving universe. Staying abreast of the latest trends and strategies is crucial for success. Enjoying a continuous update and inspiration is essential to persevere and thrive in this industry.

Fortunately, the same digital environment offers valuable and accessible (and even free) learning and training resources that can guide and motivate you on your affiliate or advertiser journey.

We specifically talk about blogs that, with just a few clicks, open a world full of information, tips, resources, tools, success stories, trends, news, and much more. 

Created or managed by experts, professionals, and leaders in the industry, these blogs are a fundamental ally to boost your online business.

But where to start and which ones to follow? With so much available in the blogosphere, finding the best ones can be complex and overwhelming.

While there are many, not all are equally relevant, useful, and reliable. Therefore, to assist you in selecting and curating blog content, we will present you some of the most relevant today, along with the reasons why we recommended them and what you can learn by following them.

This way, you can broaden your vision and ability as an affiliate.

1.    Affiliate Insider 

Affiliate Insider is an invaluable resource led by the renowned affiliate marketing expert, Lee-Ann Johnnstone. This blog offers a unique blend of practical knowledge, industry analysis, and exclusive interviews with leaders in the sector. From marketing strategies to regulatory updates, Affiliate Insider keeps you updated with everything you need to know to stand out in the affiliate marketing world.

2.    Affiliate Summit 

Affiliate Summit is not just a blog; it is an active community that brings together affiliate marketing professionals worldwide. The blog is an extension of this vibrant community, offering relevant and detailed content on key events, strategies, and interviews. Following this blog is having access to a global network of affiliate marketing experts.

3.    Neil Patel 

Neil Patel is a familiar name in the digital marketing world, and his blog is an endless source of knowledge. Although not exclusively focused on affiliate marketing, Neil addresses topics related to traffic generation, SEO, and conversions—essential elements for any successful affiliate. His practical guides and case studies are gold for those looking to improve their affiliate marketing skills.

4.    Finbox Blog 

While Finbox Blog focuses on finance and investment, it is an exceptional source for understanding the financial impact of affiliate marketing strategies. It thoroughly analyzes affiliate companies from a financial perspective, providing a unique insight into stability and growth potential. For affiliates seeking long-term partnerships, this blog offers valuable perspectives.

5.    Smart Affiliate Success 

Smart Affiliate Success is a comprehensive resource that covers everything from popular affiliate programs to effective marketing strategies. The blog offers detailed product and program reviews, trend analysis, and step-by-step guides to maximize your efforts in affiliate marketing. It’s a one-stop destination for affiliates looking for detailed and practical information.

6.    Affiliate Marketing Blog 

One of the most recognized and respected blogs in the affiliate marketing space. Created and managed by Geno Prussakov, an expert, author, and affiliate marketing consultant who has worked with companies like Forbes, Hallmark, Skype, Warner Music, etc. Here, you can find information, tips, resources, tools, success stories, trends, news, and much more about affiliate marketing, for affiliates and advertisers. Additionally, you can access his books, courses, events, and consulting services.

7.    Smart Passive Income 

Another of the most recognized and respected blogs in the affiliate marketing space. Founded by Pat Flynn, an entrepreneur, author, and affiliate marketing podcaster who has generated over 3 million dollars in passive income with his online business. In this blog, you can find varied information on how to create and scale a profitable and sustainable online business. It also provides access to books, courses, podcasts, and coaching services.

8.    Affiliate Tip 

This blog is managed by Shawn Collins, an expert, author, and co-founder of the Affiliate Summit, the most important event in the sector. Shawn Collins’ blog addresses different topics related to affiliate marketing, from practical strategies to reflections on industry trends. It offers in-depth analysis, interviews with experts, and updates on the latest news and events in the affiliate marketing field. Topics on his blog include practical tips to improve your affiliate campaigns, strategies to optimize conversions, and discussions about the latest innovations in the industry.


Staying informed and updated is key in the affiliate marketing world, and these blogs are beacons of knowledge in the vast digital ocean. Whether you’re looking for advanced strategies, industry analysis, or inspiration, following them will give you a competitive advantage.

Dive into their content, absorb the shared lessons, and get ready to take your affiliate marketing game to the next level.Remember, success in affiliate marketing is not just about promoting products; it’s about learning, adapting, and constantly growing.

Follow these blogs, absorb the shared wisdom, and become an affiliate marketing master! Join Olavivo now as an advertiser or affiliate and start maximizing your earnings and knowledge in the industry.

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