Having your domain for your business can be exciting and scary at the same time. You want it to do great and have a lot of traffic. Nevertheless, getting your name out there can be challenging or going viral to show what you have to offer. You want people to find your website on search engines like Google, so you must learn about SEO and how it works. Search Engine Optimization is the solution to your problem. Join us on this learning journey to give the answers and options you are looking for to put your website and business out there for everyone to admire. But first, let’s start from the beginning.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process used by marketers to be more visible in search engine results on the internet, like google, yahoo, and bing. In other words, your website will be in a better position to be noticed rather than letting the internet gods decide for you. It’s the perfect way to grow your website with higher organic results. SEO is constantly evolving and changing to be as effective and to keep up with the times. So it is vital to know the basics and keep up-to-date with the latest. 

Although it does involve people finding you in results, it’s more about the search engine itself. Understanding what people are looking for, the keywords they are using, and the kind of things they like. Even if it sounds like nothing, this information will help you connect with the right audience you are trying to communicate with. 

How Does It Work?

For search engines to increase your visibility in their search results and keep you in a high rank, marketers use your site information and description using keywords to get your site crawled and indexed. Then, they feed that information to the search engine to make it easier and faster to show in the results. There are infinite factors to generate, so using the right words and tactics will increase the chances of people noticing your site. Things like content creation, keyword research, and page speed optimization can also help make things easier. 

For search engines to do their work and for your website to stay in a high ranking, there are two things that you need to learn to do: crawl and index.

The search engine uses crawling to discover and re-discover pages on the web by using crawlers. In other words, they feed links to make their findings. That is why internal linking and backlinking are used so much in SEO. 

Then, after crawling, there’s indexing. That is what search engines use to store content from around the web and use it to show as search results. Most pages will end as part of the engine’s index. However, pages that seem suspiciously like spam or duplicate will not get indexed, so always try to avoid falling into those categories. 

After Crawling and Indexing, the search engine will start analyzing the page for ranking. It looks for many factors like backlink profile, if it’s mobile-friendly, speed, keyword usage, and more. Based on the results, your website might show up in organic search results more often, which will end up bringing more traffic to your site without having to do anything else.   

Know Your Audience

Back in the early era of the internet, when people were trying to find information about something, they would go to their favorite search engine, type words that relate to the topic, and they’ll get a list of places where those words were mentioned making it a bit more complicated to find the right things they were looking for. But today, people search for all types of things and get the right results immediately. If you’re looking for the greatest cat memes of all time, you’ll get thousands of results with many cats to choose from. And sometimes, in their search for the right photos, they’ll end up in different types of topics and websites that are just slightly connected to the main search.

Learning and guessing what consumers are thinking when using search engines is part of the fun. Understanding this consumer journey is very important, but it has changed throughout the years. Back in the day, people would use a jumble of keywords unrelated to your website just to be ranked in many results. Nowadays, you will need to have a strategic intent when using keywords if you want to be ranked, especially with engine algorithms making things more accurate for consumers.

Why Is SEO Important?

There is a plethora of ways to get your website out there for everyone to see; you can do social media, advertising in key places where you know your audience is, and even online platforms can generate traffic to your website. But, getting organic search results tends to be more effective, more credible, and have better reach than paid advertisement. It has been shown that only 2.8% of people click on ads, meaning they prefer to search for the right places rather than letting the algorithm feed them what it thinks the person needs. 

With SEO, there’s 20 times more traffic opportunity than any other method if you know how to set it right. When you do it correctly, SEO will keep bringing profits over more time than any other marketing channel. If you think about it, to keep getting results while advertising, you will need to keep getting funds available to bring traffic, while with SEO, you need to do it right the first time, and it will keep going. That is why it is so essential to feed the correct information to search engines. 

Getting a Good Domain Name

If you already have a domain, this tip might not be helpful. Nevertheless, it’s something to keep in mind when starting your website. It is better to have a short and memorable name that will be easy to remember, gets people’s attention, and is simple. Avoiding hyphens or special characters is also a great idea and will have a better ranking. 

Having a Website Platform

If you manage and create your website, having a website platform is the best way to keep things simpler and easier for you to oversee. There are two types to choose from. That includes a self-hosted platform. It lets you edit the content without a code, but you will have to host and install everything yourself. The other option is a hosted platform. For this, everything is done for you, with site design templates to choose from. You don’t need to know coding to add or edit the content. 

If you choose to have a self-hosted site, a platform like WordPress might be a good option. Why? Because you can customize it with open-source code. Plus, it has a big community of developers that can help you set it up easily. It also has millions of plugins to choose from that are a big help when using SEO.

Making Your Website User Friendly 

For search engines like Google to give you a good ranking, anyone who goes to your site must have a positive experience with it. 

Always encrypt your site with an SSL/TLS

This step is essential making your site secure and keeping every user’s data away from hackers is always a plus.

Make it mobile friendly

Nowadays, most users like to use the tiny computers in their pockets to do their searches. Thus, making your site look easy to use on mobile will save their users from a few headaches. And, overall, it can give you a better ranking.

Avoid pop-up ads

There is nothing more annoying than ads, especially ones that disrupt the flow of the website. These types of ads tend to lower your rank. 

Use a good-sized font

This SEO tip sounds simple. However, it is super important! Why? Because it is essential to have a font size that is readable no matter the device.

Have an appealing design

Keep your website template looking modern and with your brand but also easy to navigate.  

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